Puffer aka BlowToad
Quick Hits
Odds of catching Good
Odds of a keeper Good
Bait Bloodworms,squid
Pier Location Everywhere
Size Limit None

The puffer we catch at the pier are the northern puffer and they usually start to show up in early spring, slowing up in the Summer and then reappearing in the fall in larger numbers.  Puffers are caught on bottom rigs with # 6 hooks with bloodworms, squid or cut bait used for bait, although bloodworms prove more productive.  When the puffer is retrieved from the water he often inflates himself and becomes as round as a balloon. The puffer is somewhat difficult to clean because the skin is tough and rough on your hands.  Take care not to break the gallblatter as some species are poisenous and the toxin is concentrated in the gallblatter. However, after you go through all these troubles, you are well rewarded with a tasty meal as the meat is firm and has a taste between fish and chicken, that is why the puffer is a.k.a. chicken of the sea.